Thursday, March 12, 2009

Airports = insignificance....

So i'm travelling for work at the moment, and in the past few weeks spent alot of time in airports. They suck, and I have refused to go into the's more interesting people watching out here in the wild.

I dont know about you, but in an airport I think I feel like the most insignificant person in the world. Once you check in you go through the cog wheels of security and a motion wherby everyone is stripped down to your core (not literally, although shoes and jackets come off). Everyone has to do this, no one is immune. I take one look around and everyone seems to have the same feeling, face, emotion.

Is this where everyone enters the same playing field - at the security check point?

...Not that i'm a person of significance to begin with, but I guess what i'm trying to say is that I just feel like one tiny piece in this huge puzzle that makes up the world. I hate that. I like to feel like i'm at least trying to do something.

I'm collecting my thoughts for cultural common denominators.... stay tuned.