Monday, November 27, 2006

let it roll....

Summer is on it's way!! Truly felt it today, not heat wise, but at the launch of the V festival. It made me realise... it's festival season! They Announced the pixies, Gnarls barkley, soulwax/2manydj's, groove armada, PHOENIX, Pet Shop boys & the Rapture.... Mercy Arms played at the launch party, they're also playing on it with Aussie freshkids temper trap. Softlightes and bumblebeez are also on the lineup. Mercy Arms sound amazes me no matter what room they are in! I cant wait to see them on a festival stage.... will be different.

It all begins this saturday with Homebake...the great Aussie feast, Then there's Falls (which the punisherz are playing at), heaps of NYE festivals... there's also Meredith, Pyramid rock, Big Day Out, The Great Escape, Good Vibes, Laneways, Blues fest.... goes on and on until April. Then it all stops. Only for a couple of months, and then my favourite Australian festival of the year, Splendour in the Grass, which happens at the end of July... over a beautiful weekend in byron bay. I love festival season, hopefully i'll get to play, work and enjoy some. Hope u do tooooooooo. xx

Saturday, November 18, 2006


It's 4am, and im going to simplify things by taking a leaf out of Yumi's book and make a list of all the best things that happened tonight. Sorry for the lack of pciture, my battery was uncharged, perhaps one of my digital camera friends will add photos later.

1. Bats hang out on my balcony, they are cute, and sometimes freak me out. (bat porno in the waiting, for now check out my bird one I made, it's on the punisherz myspace.)
2. Young and Restless are my favourite band. STILL. They kicked tight balls tonight.
3. Temper Trap Dougy is Indonesian, just like Karina, and I and Martini... indo invasion blog to come.
4. Vodka Pineapple with a dash of red cordial. Thanks.
5. Getting into a Kings of Leon Party was Ok. Garth got us in, how ironic. Getting kicked out, very easy.
6. Hate to do this, but im going to have to get you guys to leave.
7. Ok once my drinks I've ordered haev arrived, and i've finished drinking them, I'll leave.
8. Surry Hills house party, lots of Swede's ... i'm in Sydney yah? Swede's very good.
9. Vegas (not Las) random. good. Ping Pong. The real deal, none of that Thailand stuff.
10. Cute pashes.
11. Justine could have kissed josh hartnett if she tried. But we got kicked out before she could. To tell you the truth, i dont even know if it was him. Whatever.
12. Bed time now.
13. Who's coming to breakfast with me? La Buvette? ANYONE?
14. Sometimes your tooth brush makes you spew.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I have not blogged. I've been too busy reading this one!!!
It is so so good.
Crazy Days and Crazy Nights yes i'm obsessed with it. Better than a copy of NW I tell ya! (sorry Tiff)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

We all look the same...

Apparently. I mean, it was the punisherz official running joke, but now it has been confirmed by S (social section in Sun-herald). For those of you that are blind, it's actually me, and I look nothing like Yumi. Although, i'm very very flattered.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Big week

It started on Tuesday. Flew to melbourne to see wolfies at live at the chapel! The last time i saw them with less than 200 people was at the hopetoun! no way I was missing this gig. Spent my day off in melbourne and went shopping around fitzroy with Karina. She is the best... and p.s her band youg and restless who have featured in this blog before just won UNEARTHED! I LOVE THEM!

It started with an exciting thursday. Yes thursday (last thursday). Punisherz were playing that night, we hadn't rehearsed, I had a johnny knoxville and incubus shoot, jimmy was in melbourne, jade had just gotten of a plane, yumi was the only one who had it together. We stuffed the gig up massively. That will teach us not to practice! ha.... Anyway enough about that.

Saturday night we went to franco and marty's halloween party. It was fun! cara was way too drunk, and forgot that she hit me for no reason about 50 times. Luckily garth rocked up, because she started hitting him instead. Big ups to Justine and Christine, for their costumes.... they were the best on ground!!

Sunday. Aria's. I had to work, and then punisherz played at the official after party. Drinking bacardi from the bottle is good. Especially when it's free. There was a bit of a drama before we went on stage, i'll leave that for the documentary, but trust me it's really great drama. You can't write that stuff!! Right after we finished playing and losing my dress then finding it again, I went to the modular party in town. Was good... saw some veronica's and some jesse mccartneys, and of course the ole' modular artists. Somewhere at that party, not only did i lose my mind, I lost my keys. When I got home, Danny had to smash the window to get in. Yeah that was fun, cleaning glass up at 5am. YAY.

WHAT A GOOD WEEK. I had fun. Let's do it all again. NOW NOW NOW.

Oh I forgot! I also went to be in The Scare's new film clip. The theme was oriental disco... who else would they ask to be in? The other punisherz were unavailable for the shoot.