Wednesday, October 03, 2007

fruit. baguettes.pasta

Im sorry there are no photos to accompany this blog. So i'll make it as un-text heavy as possible, when it's all I have to work with.

Went to Parklife on Sunday. For the first two hours I was hating on absolutely everything. That is until DUCKPOND arrived and saved us. Us I mean Jade and I. Claire was working. So Ducky arrived with Adam Freeland and took us backstage where i proceeded to drink a bottle of vodka out of adam's rider. It was tasty.

I poked some girls boobs. They were out there, and waiting to be poked. I also told some girl with fluro thongs that she was wrong. She almost punched me. The whole crowed looked like a highlighter spewed on them. Wait I only mean 3/4 of the crowd. there were some of us in blacks. Supre should have just set up a festival stall and pulled in some cash. they would have made loads, because the fluro kids just didnt know where to stop. You could have sold them knickers and they would have worn them.

Anyway - I dont think I saw anyone play. Maybe like 1 justice song, and that's it. Besides dancing to Adam.

Left Parklife and went to Kirsty's and ate all of her Pizza (or was that Karen's? Sorry love) and passed out on the couch.

What else did I want to say on this blog?

Oh yeah. Im deleting facebook today, it so inpersonal and boring. Myspace has so much more personality and I hate to use the word, p-zazz...... Facebook is what's scares me about society. Mediocrity. A bunch of people who conform to what is put out in front of them with extra little add-ons or "applications" to try and differentiate who they are. Well guess what, applications don't show personality. To rise above mediocrity you've got to step outside the square and create something different, unique and personal - might that be in life OR online. At least you can do all of that in other online environments, and hopefully in your everyday life.

So fuck you facebook. And fuck everyone on it.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Mercy Arms - Kept Low Video

What an amazing song, what a brilliant video.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

hello! fatigue!!

Well it's been a long long while... between blogs, and it's been so busy that I was sick with fatigue. Justine suggested we should go to the hospital for 'exhaustion'. How do they actually treat you? I wonder what they gave Lindsay and the rest of them when their eyes were falling out of their heads from too much work and party? All i needed was sleep and rest and doing nothing. Even when you go on holiday, you're still doing stuff aren't you?

Last weekend was Splendour In The Grass. It was pretty large. Our house consisted of Me, Garth, Buzz, Cara, Jimmy, Jade, Karina, Claire & Martine. I'd link all their facebook's and myspaces but people have so many damn profiles these days, its like an ego-field waiting to burst. Don't get me wrong - my wardrobe is slowing building it's own too....

Anyway! So byron was hot. Let's make a list... it's always easier. Sorry if this list isn't as entertaining as yumi's, but really above anything this blog is for me so that when i'm old and crusty I can remember what I used to get up to.... so let's hope the hackers who got into the UN website this morning don't delete the blogs on blogger too.

1. I crashed James' hire car into a pole. Reversing with Jade - not high speeds, but slow reversing.... most expensive pizza I ever went to pick up.
2. Laying on a tarp in the backyard in byron soaking in sun and vodka is good.
3. Laying in a heated baby pool soaking in sun and mango daquari's is also good.
4. Nothing can beat being with the people you love and new friends are for giving shit to. (Mike mainly).
5. Mike and Glen should get married.
6. Mike DID NOT punish the punisherz. We punished him.
7. Kirsty and I are wreckless blair witch hunters, roaming in pitch darkness catching magical shuttles to festivals.
8. It was freezing at night time - thanks for the tights yaya.
9. Bloc Party were incredible.
10. If you stand sidestage for arctic monkeys you will get jewellery thrown at you, which I will keep with no remorse.
11. After party was too crowded, and i was too smashed.
12. No pashes for me at splendour ... hmm.
13. Claire you cannot take the world HILARIOUS to your vo-cab. It's just wrong. Leave it alone.
14. Bacon and egg rolls with tomato sauce and hot chips inside do wonders for your hangovers (and thighs).

Well that's it for me now. This week off to melbourne for the levity launch over there with our 2nd artist MERCY ARMS I love these boys so so much.... and then off to Perth for the weekend to see ma & pa.

P.S Rumors are true I have a facebook, but i'm only accepting those of the male gender. Don't ask me why - I didnt want to join in the first place.

Monday, June 25, 2007




go go go no stop!


It's been a long long while.

What's been going on?

Red Riders sold out sydney + Melbourne.
Jade got crushed by moshing retards @ the melbourne show.

Levity (check out the myspace) has been going nuts. Cut Off Your Hands have been amazing..... they've been in Australia touring with Young and Restless. We shot the clip to 'Still Fond' on friday. I never got sick of the song... even though we heard it about 100 times.

The launch party for Levity is tomorrow night - the boys will be playing, and im in guest list hell. Again.

Not such a good blog, but im tired, exhausted and need to sleep!

OH - also went to the hunter last weekend for Sal's birthday... we got loaded on the wine tour on Saturday, that was fun. The whole weekend was completely surreal, for many reasons - and the landscape wasn't helping one bit. It was absolutely beautiful. I need to get to the country more often. Also bought a lot of wine I do not need. Actually I probably do need it. Now please!

(The cottage we stayed in @ the Hunter Valley! It was called the ROCK HOUSE! - perfect)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Before Good Charlotte

... there was Beau & Mel. 9 years ago I was in a band with my friend Beau. Beau sent me a song we recorded at his house a couple of days ago and I heard it for the first time in 9 years. I had totally forgotten about this song, and my first reaction was - good charlotte before good charlotte!! AND GUESS WHAT ELSE - the song is called HATE PARADE. How emo!!! We were emo before emo! HA... im finding this all very hilarious, especially since we had Hate Parade before the Black Parade. So anyway, I thought id share me emoness 9 years ago to everyone. Yes the song is rough, yes I can't sing - but hell if t here is a band out there who wants to re-record it properly and make it a hit, get in touch with me. HA - HA - HA.

So here is ..... BEAU & MEL - HATE PARADE. Enjoy it or enjoying laughing at my expense either way, i'm happy.

Beau & Mel : Hate Parade MP3

P.S when I told Jade this story, she asked me if I also had a blonde streak through my hair at the time. The answer to that was yes - in my fringe. And No we didn't have the term emo back then.

Friday, April 27, 2007

When A Fuck head reigns...

You realise he knows nothing about the world
He has alot to learn.
That you are the stupid bitch left carrrying the presents (to him).
But in pride you are taking them in care of someone else. (much more special than you will ever be)
You have had one of the best nights of your life.
He is doesn't know anything.
I had a fabulous night without you.

I love
Miami HOrror
Van She Tech
Ash La Rouge
. Some of the boys who made the night incredible.
And Danny's dad provided alot of entertainment. Loved you too Steve.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Twice with boys, always with silverchair

So last Friday was the launch of the Silverchair album. It's hard enough having two close friends who work so closely with the guys, and handling my teenage-infatuation with the band. I must always try and remain cool at all times, even when they're talking about what they just did with them today, last night, in LA.

Anyway, so Friday, I lost it. I always lose it when I watch Silverchair. For me it's the same feeling as when you are kissing a guy and it's so intense you want to cry. That's only happened to me on two seperate occassions with guys, but always with Silverchair. I love them so much I cry. Quite embarrassing, but i'm putting it out there. Justine had to stand there with me, while I teared up 4 times during the set. I'm sorry........

I'm watching youuuu watch over meeeeeee......

V festival was on saturday, it was ok. I think I got too excited about the lineup, and it just didn't live up to standard. The rapture were pretty good, but the girl pushing her vagina all over Garth and I was not. Maybe I was just not into it that day, and just so my dad knows... SORRY DAD - BECK, was BORING & PREDICTABLE, but on the UPSIDE - You could have been one of the PET SHOP BOYS, or the PIXIES! hahaha..... you used to like that pet shop boys song? Didn't you. I don't know, i forget which one it was.

Anyway, I heard Claire had a good time, something about a first aid officer, police man and some friends, and 'blue light disco, circa 1996'. Wish I was there.... !!!

Speaking of father, Ray Manzerek was in town this week. -from the Doors. I missed his afternoon tea celebration of the Doors best of release so I didnt get to meet him, i'm sorry for that, I wanted to get a photo with him for you!!!! :( But if it's any consolation he told Paolo Nutini he would play keys for him if he ever wanted. So i'll send you the Paolo Nutini record.

Paolo was suprisingly seductive on stage. We had him in the Live Lounge tonight.... if you like soulful, raspy, pop sung but a cute scottish lad - then get into this fella, he ticks all those boxes with a liquid gold pen. We talked about Funky Cigarettes (real ones), and it's my new favourite song to hoe-down too. YEEEHAAAA.... Joss Stone in the Live Lounge on thursday 11 piece band CANNOT WAIT. Post then. ta ta. xxx

P.S you catch watch our Kaiser Chiefs @ the Take 40 Live Lounge here. Was an awesome shoW!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Long time no post....

Well that's because there's too much going on in little melly's life! All is good though, it's a good busy - and some interesting stuff has happened along the way.

A couple of weekends ago went to probably one of the most fun party's i've been to in a while. It was at McMasters, and there wasn't very many of us... but it was prefect. A slight drizzle, great music, fabulous company and loads of drinks, food and love. Thanks Ducky for thinking of us.... we had an awesome time.

I also bought 2 goldfish that weekend. Well 3, if you count the first one that died in the first 4 hours of me having him. They are called Moko (II) and Lily. Except I pretend that Moko number 1 never happened, what kind of mum am I ? Letting him die in the first 4 hours. I was devastated. Of course. They are really cute. Lily is fat, and moko is skinny. Much how I would describe me and my taste in men really.... hA! If you're wondering why I have Moko in a Ferrero Rocher chocolate box - it's because he gets sick every time i change the water, so I have to condition him until the water is right for him. Yeah i'm an over zealous mum, one night I made him sleep next to me in a noodle bowl. (COME ON HE WAS SICK!)

We had Kaiser Chiefs in the Take 40 Live Lounge last tuesday... it was an amazing gig. Once i've had some photos approved i'll show you what the set looked like. It was awesome ! You'll see the full gig on MTV soon... i got to interview the guys too... They hang out with their mums more than they hang out with Celebs. Their Celeb highlight was something about flea being naked.... hmmm you'll have to watch the interview to really find out what happened! HA!

Well V Festival is this weekend, as well as the Silverchair launch! I Can't wait for this one... should be v v v cool!!! Ya ya ya ya ya. Will post pictures. Love. xxxx

Friday, March 09, 2007

groupie stories 1.

So...... i've stored a few groupie stories in my time... and seeing an old friend tonight reminded me of something that happened not too long ago, and i've decided to share these groupie stories, most of which are not me. But friends who are in the bands targeted by groupies. I have nothing against groupies, I hate that it comes with a negative connotation. Long live the groupie. But punishing groupies must die! Just like this next story....

Band Member = BM (Cool indie rock band not from Australia just finishing a tour here)
Groupie Slut = GS (annoying groupie)

So i'm chatting with BM and he was like oh nooooo save me... i'm like What what? GS approaches.
GS: Hi do you remember me?
BM: Yes.
GS: Why didn't you call me?
BM: ummmmm.......
GS: I'm sorry for what happened...
BM: It's ok....
GS : Ok then.....
Gs turns away..... BM gives me the rundown, turns out GS has spewed on him on a previous occassion after pashing him. Come on, at least it wasn't the other way around!!!!

GS returns.....has a conversation with BM which I don't listen too and he tells me we should move on. Yeah ok, sounds good to me. I get my friend to 'entertain' GS. Friend is very good at girls....... GS is very drunk.

After a brief interlude..... of normal happenings.

GS Returns (again) UGH!!!!!
GS: Why do you keep running away from me?
BM: um, because you said sorry, and I said it was ok and now I'm going to walk away.
GS: Shakes her head iin disgust with the best negative pouty look i have seen in ages.........

We walk away. I cannot stop laughing. If I had spewed on a guy and saw him, i Think i'd say sorry and not return./ Some girls just do not get it. Especially persistent groupie sluts. BYeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

P.S Mel's drunk and I have band rehearsal in a few hours. GREAT. Jade save me.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dumpling hunting

Thankgod the festival circuit has been extended this year! With Laneways now over... (such a festival junkie I had to go to Melbourne too) I was kinda sad. But I realised that Playground Weekender is on this weekend, which the PUNISHERZ are playing at, and V Festival is still to come. Also there is always the coachella dream again... maybe.

Melbourne was fun last week, got to hang out with Tommy who has just released his album. You can listen to the whole thing on their MYSPACE. The Punisherz will be supporting their album launch at Candy's on the 13th April. COME COME COME!!!!! It will be awesome, and you can get your dance on to Offcuts and the PUnisherz.

Melbourne seemed like a dumpling chase this time round... except we finally got to the dumpling house on my last day for lunch time! It was yummm.... thanks tommyghost. We also found some breakdancers in mall in the city late one night, whilst on the dumpling hunt. I ask them if I can take photo... they agree and I take video too!!

They give good headspin! Must have headache now!

Highlights of the melbourne laneways was st jeromes, danny, claire, the walkmen, tommy, duckpond, larry, tini, & meeting yean!

Hightlights of sydney were..... getting pissed on the balcony with Justine, perving on Lars from peter, bjorn and john, (although i'm a frontman's woman!~ ha), and the pizza.

Also you may or may not have heard about the Punisherz TOO MANY CUNTZ tour.... head to YUMI'S BLOG to find out where we'll be playing near you. There's HEAPS of dates.......

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


So my morning ritual is to wake up and open my front door, let some air in and breathe in the beautiful sydney harbour, bridge and opera house. Today it was totally obstructed by this fucking HUGGGGEEEEEEEE ship/boat WHATEVER. I thought cool... yeah that's cool. Then found out I had been sleeping under a a-hem ship for the past week, and realised this thing was worth 1 billion dollars and people pay 28k-250k to be on board, go around the world, something.

There is traffic everywhere, cars can't move, James is stuck on darlinghurst road, he can't get home. Cars are bumper to bumper. Planes, helicopters, noisy things you name it. I tried to walk (against the grain) to booty camp (yes getting fit!) and people were taking up the ENTIRE foot path. I had to walk on the road. This was from 7 AM this morning till... what's the time now? 9pm... GREAT. I have two hours left of this shit... people will be waving the thing goodbye.

I even found a chick with a camera snooping pictures of it from MY BALCONY! RUDE! I asked her what she was doing (this is a private building) and she said she was from THE AUSTRALIAN. Tell ya what, if that photo is in the paper tomorrow, i'm going to be pissed off.

<<< thanks to Jai for his artistic skills on this one.... ANYWAY. BACK TO IT.

HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR THE LOCALS. Now I know how it feels to be a local when say, splendour in the grass is on in Byron. Poor locals, i have respect now...! SO EVERYONE PISS OFF. STOP BEEPING YOUR HORNS, STOP YELLING, ITS JUST A STUPID BOAT.

Im really surprised some commerical opportunity hasn't grabbed this either. We're talking tens of thousands of people in one harbour suburb here. Adam Zammit take note, next time the Queen Mary Two is in town, sell some sponsorship. Could I suggest the free condoms (like at the big day out?) the amount of pushy mothers with kids and prams was alarming, not to mention fucking RUDE. Learn to use contraception people. I also couldn't get through to anyone on my cell... had to redial a few times, "NETWORK BUSY". That's how many people are in my area, the towers coudln't even handle it!!! They had fire works @ 8.40pm... they were bigger than NYE almost.... there's certainly the same amount of people around as NYE.

I guess the one thing that did bring me back a little was on my way home from booty camp, whilst pushing through the crowd, and waiting politely for people to take their photos with the boat, I stopped for a family of 4 - pleasant family, not rude. Just there to take their kids to see the boat. I thought, that's what this is about, the poor little families who probably will never be able to afford to board a cruiser, let alone the BILLION DOLLAR one. And they all looked so proud standing in front of the boat, beaming, that they got to witness this spectacular thing. I'm only sorry to that family for how i'm feeling, but everyone else can fuck off....!!!!

Maybe i'm the one you should be feeling sorry for. Because maybe I should be sorry to EVERYONE here and all the families about how i'm feeling, instead of being the stupid jaded bitch who doesn't give a fuck.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

My liver is a garbage bin...

Well.... I think I can safely say, this has been the biggest party week of my life. Random. Fun. Lots of fun. Started in Perth. Jade, James, Nina, Sal & I ventured to HOT HOT HOT WA to see my mum, eat, and gather in some sun @ the beach and the Big Day out.

Saturday night we enjoyed the beach, and some home cookin' from Mum. She cooked up a beautiful feast of course, and some yum yum Red Snapper. It was delicious! After dinner we went to a venue called The Bakery, and saw diplo play. Karina, Zoe and little Bebo came along too.... it was amazing music, and good to catch up with friends from my hometown. Jade made a new friend, what a good dancer he was.

Sunday - BIG DAY OUT. After being sent on a wild goose chase around the backstage area, trying to get side of stage to see our buddies Spankrock, we actually got DENIED, side stage access.... So much for national triple A's. Punisherz gettin' denied from the side. It's a new punisherz song. Kav from Eskimo Joe went up after us, and got side of stage. It must have been because we were asian..... pfft!

Anyway, so we went to the bar, the only saviour from the heat. We sunk some bevies, and then went to the sound tower to watch My Chemical ROmance. Those guys were my favourite on tour I would say. Such a cool stage show, and plus kudos for standing the heat in those thick black clothes....... and makeup! I LOVE YOU GERARD!!!

Things are a bit blurry after this, mainly because it's been over a week since the fact, but it probably went something like.... more drinks, Peaches, Talking shit backstage... and then THE KILLERS. James, Sal and I ventured into punter land and found BEBO!!! it was so much fun, it was a huge sing-along and i've decided that I LOVE THE KILLERS in AUSTRALIAN accents. It was dope. i'm MR BRIGHTTTTEEEE - SIDE. Ok, you can't hear me sing it, but sing it in an Australian accent, it's cool.

After some more hanging b/s I went up to see THE PRESETS. They were the definite highlight of the day, even though I always get the feeling Kim wants to kill me, or that he hates me. Oh well. Anyway, we danced and sung all the hits...after hit after hit. Im so proud of these guys, they are totally rockin'. For their last track they got everyone side of stage ON THE STAGE and we got to dance with them for their last track!!! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. Jim was trying to lead us in a breakdown section, but fucked it up 3 times - he pre-empted the buildup's wayyyy too soon. It was hilarious!!!!

After this, we pretty much bailed back to Maya's room to get ready for the after party. We were once again meant to be djing at the after party. So we got ready, and headed over. It was pretty fun. They had a jumping castle in the foyer, and I think I was the first to get on. Diplo was on the decks with guest apperances from Justice, Busy P & Pace & Chris from Spankers. All our new friends...... hi hi hi....! Look out for a Spankrock punisherz remix soon guyz. It's going to be HOT. Pretty much every band on the bill was at the last party of the tour, and it was rockin'. Although Jade and I Admitted we probably wouldn't know what Tool would look like. So I'm not sure if I saw them or not. Sorry. Gerard wasn't there either..... what a shame. For me.

At about 4am I decided I needed to go home, Duckpond was pretty sad at me for making that decision. Apparently i've lost all my bonus points. Who knows what I have to do to regain them. I love you Ducky, I really do, and im sorry I didn't stay for the swimming section.

Flew back to sydney on Monday, left my ipod on the plane, that's how tired/fucked up I still was. I'll pick it up next week when i go to Melbourne for Laneways! Yes. Laneeeewayyyssss.

Recovered (a little monday night) and tuesday arvo get a call from Mark who hAs JUST arrived in town! YAYyyyyyyy.... the party continues. So we head out to the gaslight, and the barbie mansion. Kids going nuts on a tuesday night. Drunkeness..... home at 3.30am ish.


Wednesday - man.... i can't even remember.... what, um. OH! That's right, it was the myspace secret show party with mickey avalon. I was so excited, and Jade was too...... this is the guy we have been loving for a year now and we were about to see him for the first time. We worked our way up to the DJ booth for maximum visiual action. Mickey was pretty much getting raped on stage by 17 year old girls. It kinda made me sick. No-one gave him stage room, and the decks were getting knocked over, and just in general.... over-excited 17 year olds pretending to be trashed is not cool. Go shove a a reall cap up your skinny-boned asses, and you wouldn't be standing up my dears. You'd be on the floor. DICKHEADS.


Here is my video from the myspace secret show.... Mickey Avalon call me MR RIGHTTTTT!!!!

Thursday - After a massive busy day, (rehearsal in the morning with steve - the punisherz were about to support mickey avalon with Steve filling in for James), press with Mark - I had a little nap on the couch at the RVCA house in bondi, before heading to Monster Children. It was a massive street party, every street art scenester, and person who probably didnt know what they were there for, was there. Doesn't matter though, it was fun - the cops came to break up the street party. I had to drag mark outta there before we got arressted. After a bit of street roaming, I decided we should go to the Oyster magazine party. It was pretty fun, lots of pretty ladies, and cute boys..... after picking up a small entourage we walked to health club and wamp wamp then ruby's. Tired times, I was feeling it went home pretty early. Back to work on friday.


Friday - Went to work. I felt better than what I thought it would. Good girl for going home early on friday. Well kinda. Went to sound check @ 6pm @ the gaelic. Shwayze and mickey did their check's then we got on. Afro Dave was mixing, and we love that man.... thanks afro for making us sound mint. And thanks Steve for filling in for James. You were so spectacular... you even did the dances. LOVE YOU. It was such a fun amazing night. Shwayze was great. Mickey was like our dream come true, our performance had some good reception. So yeah, fun all up. We stayed for a while went upstairs for the after party and drunk MORE vodka.

Check out the punisherz with Steve - I Hate Work.... from Friday Night RVCA Clothing Party with Mickey Avalon & Shwayze.

Phew... this blog didnt even include the Saturday night fever. More to come..... peace. xx

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Scare

The Scare are one of those bands, that when you see them live for the first time, you're not quite sure if your ears are left bleeding. After re-locating to the UK last year, the boys came back to Australia for a couple of shows, and to record their new album.

Upon their return I was lucky enough to catch one of the home-coming shows, and it was exhausting. The amount of energy Kiss and the guys output to the rest of the crowd is extremely intense. And you're not sure if you should be banging your head up against a wall to unleash the beast, that The Scare so uncanningly put out there. Just beaware that if you one day do see these guys live and end up spilling some blood, it's for a rewarding cause. The hardcore yet melodic soundscapes sound like the messy unfinished soundtrack, to a nightmare you can't see the end of. To some of you this may not seem that enticing, but to some of us it seems pretty darn appealing. The scare is not for all.

Check out their new film clip for 'If I'm Choking Make A Scene'. Guest Apperance, by yours truly. In one shot. Ha.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sydney Big Day Out

Fantastic Fun Day. ALL MY HIGHLIGHTS:

The Punisherz wearing asian flags for costumes. Digby the stand-in documentarian. Riding on the roof of Lilyworld's ice-cream truck, in sailor costumes. Jade making a home-made cymbol stand.Plastic Pineapple cups & Vodka. Making Ice-cream cookies in catering. Not Having the guts to ask a rockstar to join us for lunch. Lupe Fiasco. Throwbacks in the artist bar. Scamming new songs off Spankrock. Telling everyone we were there as artists... not for work. Not djing at the after party. Dancing at the after party to Diplo.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

twas the day before christmas

Well... ok so it's not christmas, it's the big day out (the eve of)... we had rehearsal last night. It was ok... we re-wrote the lyrics to pash a stranger. Now it's eat more asian. There's some nice words involved, yumi also has a spectacular new rock move to show you all during that song. James kinda does too, although, im not sure if it's new for him. He probably goes home and does it every night.

There's something wrong with my throat, im going to have to cancel all my interviews. (!ha - no but Lupe had to). I had an interview with Lupe scheduled for Monday, he had to cancel everyone's interview because he had something going on with his throat..... I was looking forward to that interview. Booo.

You know, it IS kinda like christmas because I got some sweet presents. First the BDO, 2nd this tour.... it's the sweetest thing of all.

Ohhhhh yah. The punisherz are besides themselves. We're also playing the BDO after party in Sydney and now Perth too (which is the last stop on the tour) it should be fun.

Monday, January 15, 2007

It's coming...

The Punisherz on episode 11 of Pedestrian DVD... which I happen to love with all my heart. I have every one of them at home. If you don't have it. Get it. It's free.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Me. The World. You.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


If you own a pair, I hope you bought them for burning.
Fire fire fire!!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

The road trip

So we decided to do the night drive from Sydney to Melbourne on the 27th December 2006. In tow, 3/4 of the Punisherz, James, Jade and Mel, and resident Punisherz groupie Cara. We got to the punisherz bus, and James had already gaffed our name all over it. Perfect.

James did the first stint of the 9 hour drive.... thank god for the tom tom, I think we would have got lost on the highway, it's really hard getting to Melbourne.

Jade took over after a while and we continued onto Melbourne. Thankgod for the Bloc Party CD... it kept us awake. As I did the last couple of hours driving into melbourne it was a relief to see the emerald city. We pulled in got a little lost and found our way to Yumi's Mum's house. We were there! YAY!

After a little rest, the next 3 days were going to be an unslaught of rehearsals. The Punisherz had not picked up their instruments in a month, and we were about to play the biggest gig of our career! FALLS FESTIVAL ON NEW YEARS EVE! Scared... mostly because we weren't sure if we could fill the hour set, we slogged our guts out in the crack den we came to love. Bakehouse rehearsal studio in Richmond. What a cool place.... I loved the courtyard filled with cute indie boys (sorry coudln't take any photos there, I had to keep cool you know). But here's jade in the courtyard full of untapped gold (cute indie band boys that I hadn't met yet).

After rehearsing, sleeping, eating and some shopping we were ready to drive to Lorne and play the new years eve show. James bought 120 blow up hello kitty dolls online (he wanted blow up vagina's but couldn't find any- they were going to shower down on the crowd during 'my cunt'), confetti cannons and Jade bought Thai Boxing costumes from her recent trip to Thailand. We were set.

I'm deliberating to tell you how the show went, because alot of it was captured by our insanely dedicated documentarian Bruce.... so it save all the juice, I don't think I will tell you what went down. Leave it to our ever-coming 666 part Punisherz series. There's 666 ep's right brucey? hahaha Joking. Anyway, we're playing a big Sydney show on the 12th January @ the Mandarin Club, this place is perfect for us! Come down if you're around. We're also playing the Sydney Big Day Out @ Lilyworld..... that is going to be fun fun fun!

Oh there's one part I forgot to tell you, that probably didn't make the doco. - We brought some of our tshirts to sell at the merch stand. Due to our late arrival it got prime placement on the merch board. (That's it in the corner on the door, not actually on the board at all..)

We sold 4. Maybe we need to assess this for next time.

Oh one more thing.... towards the end of our trip we based alot of our decisions by answering the question by thinking 'What would Pav do?'.... this was brought on by Sophie's Modular Sleeping bag. Do you have a photo Sophie? We need to show the world, or more so Pav, so he can start manufacturing them and selling them at festivals. It's an untapped resource.