Friday, September 25, 2009


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Friday, September 11, 2009


So. It's been a while since there was any Punisherz news.

We had a rehearsal about 6 weeks ago in the gallery, the most echo-ridden room in the world. Our first in 18 months or so. It will probably be the last in the gallery though because i'm opening the gallery as a gallery in November. (I will have a blog for that so that's exciting!)

I wrote a song about fake lesbians and how much I hate them. This was inspired after I had been to Lily Allen the night before and was standing with a group of non-disclosed Australian reality TV wannabes saying how much they wanted to "have sex with Lily".

$100000000000000000000 bucks they would run away from Lily if they had to do anything a true lesbian would do in the bedroom!

Kissing a girl doesnt make you a lesbian!!

Look, i'm not a lesbian - and I appreciate the gay community, but I hate fake lezo's who do it for attention ok!

So come to the next Punisherz show if there is one (maybe Boogie next year I hear) to see more of this fake lezo rant.