Saturday, November 18, 2006


It's 4am, and im going to simplify things by taking a leaf out of Yumi's book and make a list of all the best things that happened tonight. Sorry for the lack of pciture, my battery was uncharged, perhaps one of my digital camera friends will add photos later.

1. Bats hang out on my balcony, they are cute, and sometimes freak me out. (bat porno in the waiting, for now check out my bird one I made, it's on the punisherz myspace.)
2. Young and Restless are my favourite band. STILL. They kicked tight balls tonight.
3. Temper Trap Dougy is Indonesian, just like Karina, and I and Martini... indo invasion blog to come.
4. Vodka Pineapple with a dash of red cordial. Thanks.
5. Getting into a Kings of Leon Party was Ok. Garth got us in, how ironic. Getting kicked out, very easy.
6. Hate to do this, but im going to have to get you guys to leave.
7. Ok once my drinks I've ordered haev arrived, and i've finished drinking them, I'll leave.
8. Surry Hills house party, lots of Swede's ... i'm in Sydney yah? Swede's very good.
9. Vegas (not Las) random. good. Ping Pong. The real deal, none of that Thailand stuff.
10. Cute pashes.
11. Justine could have kissed josh hartnett if she tried. But we got kicked out before she could. To tell you the truth, i dont even know if it was him. Whatever.
12. Bed time now.
13. Who's coming to breakfast with me? La Buvette? ANYONE?
14. Sometimes your tooth brush makes you spew.



Justine said...


its 10.30 am and i think i may still be drunk.

it was totally josh hartnett. but im glad we didnt make out.

nina said...

it was him. i'm sure. don't worry, I've aleady sent in a 'murmer' to sydney confidental.

Anonymous said...

my tooth brush always makes me spew after a big night...

spew cara spew spew spew....yum