Monday, June 25, 2007

go go go no stop!


It's been a long long while.

What's been going on?

Red Riders sold out sydney + Melbourne.
Jade got crushed by moshing retards @ the melbourne show.

Levity (check out the myspace) has been going nuts. Cut Off Your Hands have been amazing..... they've been in Australia touring with Young and Restless. We shot the clip to 'Still Fond' on friday. I never got sick of the song... even though we heard it about 100 times.

The launch party for Levity is tomorrow night - the boys will be playing, and im in guest list hell. Again.

Not such a good blog, but im tired, exhausted and need to sleep!

OH - also went to the hunter last weekend for Sal's birthday... we got loaded on the wine tour on Saturday, that was fun. The whole weekend was completely surreal, for many reasons - and the landscape wasn't helping one bit. It was absolutely beautiful. I need to get to the country more often. Also bought a lot of wine I do not need. Actually I probably do need it. Now please!

(The cottage we stayed in @ the Hunter Valley! It was called the ROCK HOUSE! - perfect)

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