Wednesday, October 03, 2007

fruit. baguettes.pasta

Im sorry there are no photos to accompany this blog. So i'll make it as un-text heavy as possible, when it's all I have to work with.

Went to Parklife on Sunday. For the first two hours I was hating on absolutely everything. That is until DUCKPOND arrived and saved us. Us I mean Jade and I. Claire was working. So Ducky arrived with Adam Freeland and took us backstage where i proceeded to drink a bottle of vodka out of adam's rider. It was tasty.

I poked some girls boobs. They were out there, and waiting to be poked. I also told some girl with fluro thongs that she was wrong. She almost punched me. The whole crowed looked like a highlighter spewed on them. Wait I only mean 3/4 of the crowd. there were some of us in blacks. Supre should have just set up a festival stall and pulled in some cash. they would have made loads, because the fluro kids just didnt know where to stop. You could have sold them knickers and they would have worn them.

Anyway - I dont think I saw anyone play. Maybe like 1 justice song, and that's it. Besides dancing to Adam.

Left Parklife and went to Kirsty's and ate all of her Pizza (or was that Karen's? Sorry love) and passed out on the couch.

What else did I want to say on this blog?

Oh yeah. Im deleting facebook today, it so inpersonal and boring. Myspace has so much more personality and I hate to use the word, p-zazz...... Facebook is what's scares me about society. Mediocrity. A bunch of people who conform to what is put out in front of them with extra little add-ons or "applications" to try and differentiate who they are. Well guess what, applications don't show personality. To rise above mediocrity you've got to step outside the square and create something different, unique and personal - might that be in life OR online. At least you can do all of that in other online environments, and hopefully in your everyday life.

So fuck you facebook. And fuck everyone on it.


Zohara said...

I agree 100% with your blog. I can't stand fluro, supre OR facebook. All to which i haven't conformed to because they do not express individuality or creativity. Mediocre is the best word to describe Facebook, I truely do not understand the hype. And for Parklife.. I haven't talked to anyone who actually enjoyed it.
Fluro was a thing of the 80's and i don't understand why it has come back in 'fashion' twice the start of the new millenium..Good thing you told that girl with the fluro thongs that she was wrong haha. Although it is pretty amusing when you see those fluro kids wearing their crappy fluro glasses and they think they look hot although they look like absolute tools.

I'm glad someone else at least has their head screwed on properly.

nina said...

i got tights in denmark and then justice told me that they were too nurave. too much for justice? i haven't worn them since.