Sunday, May 31, 2009


So en route to Brisbane this past weekend, Sydney airport security saw my UNEARTHEN necklace. I love this piece of jewellery and wear it every single day.

It was an unusually quiet Saturday afternoon at the aiport, so quiet that our original flight got cancelled and they put us on a later flight.

Anyway so security decided that I couldnt go on board with my necklace because it is in the "shape of a bullet". After trying to explain to them numerous times that it was infact an EMPTY SHELL CASING with Aqua Aura Quartz (very visable), they still wouldn't let me through with the necklace.

I had to check my handbag and put it through luggage! I don't know what they thought I could do with an empty shell-casing..... I've been through security airport check-points in LA, NYC, SYDNEY, MELBOURNE, SYDNEY again with it on and it doesnt even beep through the metal detector!

Talk about security having MAJOR Saturday afternoon boredom, I guess everyone has to prove why they still exist in their jobs these days too....It was entirely frustrating, and even the check-in girl at VIRGIN said that they must have been bored that day for me to have to check it in!!

P.S Got back to Sydney through Brisbane security FINE with it on.

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