Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Twice with boys, always with silverchair

So last Friday was the launch of the Silverchair album. It's hard enough having two close friends who work so closely with the guys, and handling my teenage-infatuation with the band. I must always try and remain cool at all times, even when they're talking about what they just did with them today, last night, in LA.

Anyway, so Friday, I lost it. I always lose it when I watch Silverchair. For me it's the same feeling as when you are kissing a guy and it's so intense you want to cry. That's only happened to me on two seperate occassions with guys, but always with Silverchair. I love them so much I cry. Quite embarrassing, but i'm putting it out there. Justine had to stand there with me, while I teared up 4 times during the set. I'm sorry........

I'm watching youuuu watch over meeeeeee......

V festival was on saturday, it was ok. I think I got too excited about the lineup, and it just didn't live up to standard. The rapture were pretty good, but the girl pushing her vagina all over Garth and I was not. Maybe I was just not into it that day, and just so my dad knows... SORRY DAD - BECK, was BORING & PREDICTABLE, but on the UPSIDE - You could have been one of the PET SHOP BOYS, or the PIXIES! hahaha..... you used to like that pet shop boys song? Didn't you. I don't know, i forget which one it was.

Anyway, I heard Claire had a good time, something about a first aid officer, police man and some friends, and 'blue light disco, circa 1996'. Wish I was there.... !!!

Speaking of father, Ray Manzerek was in town this week. -from the Doors. I missed his afternoon tea celebration of the Doors best of release so I didnt get to meet him, i'm sorry for that, I wanted to get a photo with him for you!!!! :( But if it's any consolation he told Paolo Nutini he would play keys for him if he ever wanted. So i'll send you the Paolo Nutini record.

Paolo was suprisingly seductive on stage. We had him in the Live Lounge tonight.... if you like soulful, raspy, pop sung but a cute scottish lad - then get into this fella, he ticks all those boxes with a liquid gold pen. We talked about Funky Cigarettes (real ones), and it's my new favourite song to hoe-down too. YEEEHAAAA.... Joss Stone in the Live Lounge on thursday 11 piece band CANNOT WAIT. Post then. ta ta. xxx

P.S you catch watch our Kaiser Chiefs @ the Take 40 Live Lounge here. Was an awesome shoW!

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Toni-Marie said...

You lucky girl!
I know what you mean about Silverchair, they were the first album I ever bought, I think I went to sleep to frogstomp everynight for a year. Their like your first love, give me shivers up my spine, I'm the same about Nick Cave as well.