Tuesday, January 23, 2007

twas the day before christmas

Well... ok so it's not christmas, it's the big day out (the eve of)... we had rehearsal last night. It was ok... we re-wrote the lyrics to pash a stranger. Now it's eat more asian. There's some nice words involved, yumi also has a spectacular new rock move to show you all during that song. James kinda does too, although, im not sure if it's new for him. He probably goes home and does it every night.

There's something wrong with my throat, im going to have to cancel all my interviews. (!ha - no but Lupe had to). I had an interview with Lupe scheduled for Monday, he had to cancel everyone's interview because he had something going on with his throat..... I was looking forward to that interview. Booo.

You know, it IS kinda like christmas because I got some sweet presents. First the BDO, 2nd this tour.... it's the sweetest thing of all.

Ohhhhh yah. The punisherz are besides themselves. We're also playing the BDO after party in Sydney and now Perth too (which is the last stop on the tour) it should be fun.


Toni-Marie said...

Congratulations, Big Day Out, and playing alongside Mikey Avalon, you lucky, lucky, girl.

melnahas said...

thankyou thankyou. x