Saturday, January 06, 2007

The road trip

So we decided to do the night drive from Sydney to Melbourne on the 27th December 2006. In tow, 3/4 of the Punisherz, James, Jade and Mel, and resident Punisherz groupie Cara. We got to the punisherz bus, and James had already gaffed our name all over it. Perfect.

James did the first stint of the 9 hour drive.... thank god for the tom tom, I think we would have got lost on the highway, it's really hard getting to Melbourne.

Jade took over after a while and we continued onto Melbourne. Thankgod for the Bloc Party CD... it kept us awake. As I did the last couple of hours driving into melbourne it was a relief to see the emerald city. We pulled in got a little lost and found our way to Yumi's Mum's house. We were there! YAY!

After a little rest, the next 3 days were going to be an unslaught of rehearsals. The Punisherz had not picked up their instruments in a month, and we were about to play the biggest gig of our career! FALLS FESTIVAL ON NEW YEARS EVE! Scared... mostly because we weren't sure if we could fill the hour set, we slogged our guts out in the crack den we came to love. Bakehouse rehearsal studio in Richmond. What a cool place.... I loved the courtyard filled with cute indie boys (sorry coudln't take any photos there, I had to keep cool you know). But here's jade in the courtyard full of untapped gold (cute indie band boys that I hadn't met yet).

After rehearsing, sleeping, eating and some shopping we were ready to drive to Lorne and play the new years eve show. James bought 120 blow up hello kitty dolls online (he wanted blow up vagina's but couldn't find any- they were going to shower down on the crowd during 'my cunt'), confetti cannons and Jade bought Thai Boxing costumes from her recent trip to Thailand. We were set.

I'm deliberating to tell you how the show went, because alot of it was captured by our insanely dedicated documentarian Bruce.... so it save all the juice, I don't think I will tell you what went down. Leave it to our ever-coming 666 part Punisherz series. There's 666 ep's right brucey? hahaha Joking. Anyway, we're playing a big Sydney show on the 12th January @ the Mandarin Club, this place is perfect for us! Come down if you're around. We're also playing the Sydney Big Day Out @ Lilyworld..... that is going to be fun fun fun!

Oh there's one part I forgot to tell you, that probably didn't make the doco. - We brought some of our tshirts to sell at the merch stand. Due to our late arrival it got prime placement on the merch board. (That's it in the corner on the door, not actually on the board at all..)

We sold 4. Maybe we need to assess this for next time.

Oh one more thing.... towards the end of our trip we based alot of our decisions by answering the question by thinking 'What would Pav do?'.... this was brought on by Sophie's Modular Sleeping bag. Do you have a photo Sophie? We need to show the world, or more so Pav, so he can start manufacturing them and selling them at festivals. It's an untapped resource.

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timcollier said...

i wish i had hit falls. I am going to get to the mandarin club i promise (kind of)!!
Can I buy an ep yet?
I think I might get a WWPD tattoo across my fingers. Thats hilarious.