Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Scare

The Scare are one of those bands, that when you see them live for the first time, you're not quite sure if your ears are left bleeding. After re-locating to the UK last year, the boys came back to Australia for a couple of shows, and to record their new album.

Upon their return I was lucky enough to catch one of the home-coming shows, and it was exhausting. The amount of energy Kiss and the guys output to the rest of the crowd is extremely intense. And you're not sure if you should be banging your head up against a wall to unleash the beast, that The Scare so uncanningly put out there. Just beaware that if you one day do see these guys live and end up spilling some blood, it's for a rewarding cause. The hardcore yet melodic soundscapes sound like the messy unfinished soundtrack, to a nightmare you can't see the end of. To some of you this may not seem that enticing, but to some of us it seems pretty darn appealing. The scare is not for all.

Check out their new film clip for 'If I'm Choking Make A Scene'. Guest Apperance, by yours truly. In one shot. Ha.

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