Sunday, February 11, 2007

My liver is a garbage bin...

Well.... I think I can safely say, this has been the biggest party week of my life. Random. Fun. Lots of fun. Started in Perth. Jade, James, Nina, Sal & I ventured to HOT HOT HOT WA to see my mum, eat, and gather in some sun @ the beach and the Big Day out.

Saturday night we enjoyed the beach, and some home cookin' from Mum. She cooked up a beautiful feast of course, and some yum yum Red Snapper. It was delicious! After dinner we went to a venue called The Bakery, and saw diplo play. Karina, Zoe and little Bebo came along too.... it was amazing music, and good to catch up with friends from my hometown. Jade made a new friend, what a good dancer he was.

Sunday - BIG DAY OUT. After being sent on a wild goose chase around the backstage area, trying to get side of stage to see our buddies Spankrock, we actually got DENIED, side stage access.... So much for national triple A's. Punisherz gettin' denied from the side. It's a new punisherz song. Kav from Eskimo Joe went up after us, and got side of stage. It must have been because we were asian..... pfft!

Anyway, so we went to the bar, the only saviour from the heat. We sunk some bevies, and then went to the sound tower to watch My Chemical ROmance. Those guys were my favourite on tour I would say. Such a cool stage show, and plus kudos for standing the heat in those thick black clothes....... and makeup! I LOVE YOU GERARD!!!

Things are a bit blurry after this, mainly because it's been over a week since the fact, but it probably went something like.... more drinks, Peaches, Talking shit backstage... and then THE KILLERS. James, Sal and I ventured into punter land and found BEBO!!! it was so much fun, it was a huge sing-along and i've decided that I LOVE THE KILLERS in AUSTRALIAN accents. It was dope. i'm MR BRIGHTTTTEEEE - SIDE. Ok, you can't hear me sing it, but sing it in an Australian accent, it's cool.

After some more hanging b/s I went up to see THE PRESETS. They were the definite highlight of the day, even though I always get the feeling Kim wants to kill me, or that he hates me. Oh well. Anyway, we danced and sung all the hits...after hit after hit. Im so proud of these guys, they are totally rockin'. For their last track they got everyone side of stage ON THE STAGE and we got to dance with them for their last track!!! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. Jim was trying to lead us in a breakdown section, but fucked it up 3 times - he pre-empted the buildup's wayyyy too soon. It was hilarious!!!!

After this, we pretty much bailed back to Maya's room to get ready for the after party. We were once again meant to be djing at the after party. So we got ready, and headed over. It was pretty fun. They had a jumping castle in the foyer, and I think I was the first to get on. Diplo was on the decks with guest apperances from Justice, Busy P & Pace & Chris from Spankers. All our new friends...... hi hi hi....! Look out for a Spankrock punisherz remix soon guyz. It's going to be HOT. Pretty much every band on the bill was at the last party of the tour, and it was rockin'. Although Jade and I Admitted we probably wouldn't know what Tool would look like. So I'm not sure if I saw them or not. Sorry. Gerard wasn't there either..... what a shame. For me.

At about 4am I decided I needed to go home, Duckpond was pretty sad at me for making that decision. Apparently i've lost all my bonus points. Who knows what I have to do to regain them. I love you Ducky, I really do, and im sorry I didn't stay for the swimming section.

Flew back to sydney on Monday, left my ipod on the plane, that's how tired/fucked up I still was. I'll pick it up next week when i go to Melbourne for Laneways! Yes. Laneeeewayyyssss.

Recovered (a little monday night) and tuesday arvo get a call from Mark who hAs JUST arrived in town! YAYyyyyyyy.... the party continues. So we head out to the gaslight, and the barbie mansion. Kids going nuts on a tuesday night. Drunkeness..... home at 3.30am ish.


Wednesday - man.... i can't even remember.... what, um. OH! That's right, it was the myspace secret show party with mickey avalon. I was so excited, and Jade was too...... this is the guy we have been loving for a year now and we were about to see him for the first time. We worked our way up to the DJ booth for maximum visiual action. Mickey was pretty much getting raped on stage by 17 year old girls. It kinda made me sick. No-one gave him stage room, and the decks were getting knocked over, and just in general.... over-excited 17 year olds pretending to be trashed is not cool. Go shove a a reall cap up your skinny-boned asses, and you wouldn't be standing up my dears. You'd be on the floor. DICKHEADS.


Here is my video from the myspace secret show.... Mickey Avalon call me MR RIGHTTTTT!!!!

Thursday - After a massive busy day, (rehearsal in the morning with steve - the punisherz were about to support mickey avalon with Steve filling in for James), press with Mark - I had a little nap on the couch at the RVCA house in bondi, before heading to Monster Children. It was a massive street party, every street art scenester, and person who probably didnt know what they were there for, was there. Doesn't matter though, it was fun - the cops came to break up the street party. I had to drag mark outta there before we got arressted. After a bit of street roaming, I decided we should go to the Oyster magazine party. It was pretty fun, lots of pretty ladies, and cute boys..... after picking up a small entourage we walked to health club and wamp wamp then ruby's. Tired times, I was feeling it went home pretty early. Back to work on friday.


Friday - Went to work. I felt better than what I thought it would. Good girl for going home early on friday. Well kinda. Went to sound check @ 6pm @ the gaelic. Shwayze and mickey did their check's then we got on. Afro Dave was mixing, and we love that man.... thanks afro for making us sound mint. And thanks Steve for filling in for James. You were so spectacular... you even did the dances. LOVE YOU. It was such a fun amazing night. Shwayze was great. Mickey was like our dream come true, our performance had some good reception. So yeah, fun all up. We stayed for a while went upstairs for the after party and drunk MORE vodka.

Check out the punisherz with Steve - I Hate Work.... from Friday Night RVCA Clothing Party with Mickey Avalon & Shwayze.

Phew... this blog didnt even include the Saturday night fever. More to come..... peace. xx

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