Friday, March 09, 2007

groupie stories 1.

So...... i've stored a few groupie stories in my time... and seeing an old friend tonight reminded me of something that happened not too long ago, and i've decided to share these groupie stories, most of which are not me. But friends who are in the bands targeted by groupies. I have nothing against groupies, I hate that it comes with a negative connotation. Long live the groupie. But punishing groupies must die! Just like this next story....

Band Member = BM (Cool indie rock band not from Australia just finishing a tour here)
Groupie Slut = GS (annoying groupie)

So i'm chatting with BM and he was like oh nooooo save me... i'm like What what? GS approaches.
GS: Hi do you remember me?
BM: Yes.
GS: Why didn't you call me?
BM: ummmmm.......
GS: I'm sorry for what happened...
BM: It's ok....
GS : Ok then.....
Gs turns away..... BM gives me the rundown, turns out GS has spewed on him on a previous occassion after pashing him. Come on, at least it wasn't the other way around!!!!

GS returns.....has a conversation with BM which I don't listen too and he tells me we should move on. Yeah ok, sounds good to me. I get my friend to 'entertain' GS. Friend is very good at girls....... GS is very drunk.

After a brief interlude..... of normal happenings.

GS Returns (again) UGH!!!!!
GS: Why do you keep running away from me?
BM: um, because you said sorry, and I said it was ok and now I'm going to walk away.
GS: Shakes her head iin disgust with the best negative pouty look i have seen in ages.........

We walk away. I cannot stop laughing. If I had spewed on a guy and saw him, i Think i'd say sorry and not return./ Some girls just do not get it. Especially persistent groupie sluts. BYeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

P.S Mel's drunk and I have band rehearsal in a few hours. GREAT. Jade save me.


Toni Marie said...

I agree You would think if you'd thrown up on someone you would avoid them altogether, or apologise and then run away in embarassment, not stalk them, especially when they keep walking off and making it obvious.
Some people are thick.

sel said...

love that, in true crazydaysandnights style!