Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dumpling hunting

Thankgod the festival circuit has been extended this year! With Laneways now over... (such a festival junkie I had to go to Melbourne too) I was kinda sad. But I realised that Playground Weekender is on this weekend, which the PUNISHERZ are playing at, and V Festival is still to come. Also there is always the coachella dream again... maybe.

Melbourne was fun last week, got to hang out with Tommy who has just released his album. You can listen to the whole thing on their MYSPACE. The Punisherz will be supporting their album launch at Candy's on the 13th April. COME COME COME!!!!! It will be awesome, and you can get your dance on to Offcuts and the PUnisherz.

Melbourne seemed like a dumpling chase this time round... except we finally got to the dumpling house on my last day for lunch time! It was yummm.... thanks tommyghost. We also found some breakdancers in mall in the city late one night, whilst on the dumpling hunt. I ask them if I can take photo... they agree and I take video too!!

They give good headspin! Must have headache now!

Highlights of the melbourne laneways was st jeromes, danny, claire, the walkmen, tommy, duckpond, larry, tini, & meeting yean!

Hightlights of sydney were..... getting pissed on the balcony with Justine, perving on Lars from peter, bjorn and john, (although i'm a frontman's woman!~ ha), and the pizza.

Also you may or may not have heard about the Punisherz TOO MANY CUNTZ tour.... head to YUMI'S BLOG to find out where we'll be playing near you. There's HEAPS of dates.......

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Justine said...

i thought we established that by statistics, you are actually a guitarists woman.