Monday, December 11, 2006

can someone please

Buy me this dress for christmas?

I saw it ages ago and I thought it was so beautiful, and now i've seen it online again, and it's eating me away!

In other news, I went to Robbie Williams on Sunday night. You know what? That guy can have any ego he wants i've decided. To have THAT many people all in the palm of your hand is pretty amazing. Two of those stadium shows in every city, I was more amazed by the audience than him though. It was a good show, but the crowd was HUUUUGEEEEE... i don't know the exact numbers for Aussie Stadium, but fuck.

After party: not that great. It was a weird venue... the papers tipped the "secret location" to be Aussie John's 30 Million dollar pad in Point Piper, which I was really excited about, but it wasn't there at all. Same view, but closer, as in IN THE Opera house. Bennelong to be exact. The dance floor was crammed in a narrow space right next to the bar, so if you were waiting to be served you kinda had to dance at the same time, or get knocked over.

Robbie was a no show, his band rocked up, but seriously after a show like that I probably would want to take a few birds back to my room and just hang out there. I don't know what Robbie did though. ha. Most exciting part of the night was me finding a bottle of vodka and walking around with it for a while before it got taken off me.

There was a mix of celebs there, mostly ones from Australian soaps that I don't know their names of. A couple of girls who were dressed like they were from the 90' G and I discussed, they were definitely a Vice Don't, but when they started kissing each other, they turned into a Vice Do. I wish I took a photo. There was the drunk vegan (not G) who smashed a champers glass and didnt even notice, and ran to the toilet to have a little spew. Then there was me, vodka stealing non-celebrity spectacular.


Anonymous said...

Yeah but Mel, you were the hottest of the night.
And you fall out of bed as a 'Do'.

Hooray for you lifting a bottle of Absolut from the Band's rider!

Hooray for 1999 J-Lo video looking lesbians on the staircase!

Now, if only they'd grabbed that Krystal BB girl for a 3-way... hmm...

xx g

selena said...

wow, what a story, in my mind i'm picturing it to be 'lynn' and 'janelle' from neighbours pashing away. that would be great!

i am currently in swoop mode to get a dress from cue which is on hold for some bitch. 1 hour 40 minutes to go and i am going to swoop on it like a motherfucker. yeah!



melnahas said...

I hope you got that dress selena....

selena said...

no i didn't. how they only have one size 12 in south australia, and some random girl bought it without trying it on. i hate her!