Saturday, December 02, 2006


This week was soooo hectic. Launched our new studio on Thursday called the Take 40 Live Lounge... Sandi Thom performend and it looked so pretty. You'll be able to see it on the web @ early next week. She even wanted to take home part of the set, which we gladly gave her, she wanted one of the table lamps. I cant wait to do more shows in there, it's really exciting.

Friday night was the ksubi(tsubi)/modular party. Rocked up with Ash and Sal, and the place was packed and mental. It was like a smarties box where everyone looked the same, but different colours. Some really good bands played like The Ghosts and the Klaxons, also saw a bit of New Young Pony Club. They were cute and cool. The Doof dance area, was on a go kart rink!!! I saw gabe, It was soooo good to see him! I love you. xxx

As if all that wasn't enough, I also put my had up to work on the publicity team for the day @ homebake this year. I was looking after Channel [V] today. Seeing everyone was great! Didn't get to see many bands because I was running around like a mad chook all day, but I did get a few songs in of the Valentino's who were just in Japan with the Presets who I also got to see (their first time back home since Splendour!YAY!), and I got to see the entire Silverchair set. I forgot how much I love these guys. In the third song I found myself crying. It was like old days. Karina, I wish you were there!!! They played freak, and I could feel the side stage floor lifting! It was so incredible.

A few drinks later it was all over, and hunger started to settle in. Jeremy kept trying to cook me a virtual burger, but it wasn't the same. So Claire decided to go steal some chips out of the Hilltop Hoods dressing room. These guys are the biggest Aussie hip hop act and they love the punisherz, so they rock. Anyway, Claire went in stole some chips which all the hoods witnessed, and then she delightfully shared a few with them before she walked away with the entire packet. She then was walking back towards us, then she turned around to the guys, and said.... "Hey guys!..... REPREZENT!!!!!"..... hahahahahaha it was the FUNNIEST thing ever! They were stunned and didnt know how to react, but after about a 2 second pause they all went " heyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!"... hahaha so hilarious. The chips were good, they semi-saved me.

After that we waited for Jade to wrap her shoot and we were outta there. She had to hire a car for the day because her bf took their one, and all that was left at the place was a convertible!!! it was funny. It was pissing down with rain and we piled in and put the roof down!!! On the way to the after party Ducky and I wrote a song called PINGA. That's for you Ducky. I will sing it when we go on tour with you. PINGA PINGA PINGA... hahahahaa.

The after party was fun. Justine came and met us, and I was dancing until I fell over. Jade had to take me home. Now im hungry, because I still didnt get to eat. Im going to have breakfast with claire. REPREZENT.



Anonymous said...

So you send me an e-mail all happy about Wolfmother which now I am going to link to tomorrow just for you, and you do not even bother to blog about them yourself..What is up with that???

melnahas said...

I sent a myspace bulliten. But I will enter a shortie. mwahahahha.