Friday, December 08, 2006

vegemite = goodness....

So yeah... friday night and I didnt want to go out. Last week was a bit too hectic, and I need to lay down. So I go to a screening of HAPPY FEET with G and get relaxed. Such a cute movie, pretty scary too. It made me want to tap dance all again. I guess when I think about it, It hasn't been that long since i've ripped out a tap routine. It was very cool.

So came home and decided its summer, its party season, im going out. So call Alana, and she's on her way to the Electric party, so I get my kit on and head on over. Its on the same street I live on practically and just a walk home if its devastating. Not that bad when we get there. Phil's band The Lost Gospel played, I told him the punisherz wrote a song about him.... "put your hands up if you're drunk". .... he said.... is it a shit song? And i said yeah... he said.... yeah I hate music... i was like cool we cant play music. So we got that settled. Then, The goons of doom were on, who the punisherz will eternally hate, just coz, and before they went on, they said to me. "This is going to sound really fucked up, because we're all on acid, I said.... you guys sound fucked up all the time... in a bad way!!". Good those fuckers. Goons of Doom. Whatever. You know what, I dont really hate you guys, you're kinda cute, but yeah, you're shitter than the punisherz. And in teh end, you got where you were because of who you know as well. SO we're all on the same kinda team. BUT collectivelly. The punisherz Do hate You. ok? You and TEENAGERS IN TOKYO.

Speaking of asian delights, G and i went asian food shopping before the movie. I was in a sweet mood, and bought all these sweet asian treats. I can't read asian and just looked a pictures, like usual. And anyway, I bought three things. One seaweed noodle item, one chocolate biscuit item, and one pineapple cake thing. I got into G's car and proceeded to taste each thing one by one... (and i nibble things i dont know about, i mean nibble miniscule proportions) and i HATED every single one of them. if any of you would like the left overs, feel free to come over and eat them. They are so sweet and disgusting. I cook good food. you dont need this shit. Hence, dont go shopping when you're hungry.

Anyway. Very drunk now, walked home, took the heels off.... stumbled through the cross to the point for some clean sheet loving, vegemite on turkish and my laptop. And Im happy and home.

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