Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It was the year that....

I counted down in LA... randomly. Downtown party... to a party in the hills, to a party @ the roosevelt.

It was the year that I went on the Big Day Out Tour with work. Highlights included Soulwax, M.I.A, Cut Copy,The Mars Volta, Wolfmother.

It was the year that the punisherz put their money where their mouth was at started rehearsing. We played Dj sets first, but it was always about the band. Highlights were: Splendour In the Grass, First show Ever (sept 11), Going on tour with Jump 2 light Speed....

It was the year that I went back to the States for my birthday. LA & NYC. Highlights, Coachella, NYC with Dan (and all those parties). My friends.

It was the year Garth came home. So glad you're home.....xx

It was the year that I made friends with birds on my balcony.

It was the year that I resigned from my Job.

It was the year that I got an amazing fantastic new job, thanks to one of my best friends who I will always adore. G. XOXO


Favourite Records/Albums

Mickey Avalon - Mickey Avalon

Cold War Kids - Robbers & Cowards

Wolf & Cub - Vessels

Wolf Parade - Apologies to The Queen Mary (was that this year or late last year?)

Best Gigs

Big Day Out tour 2006 - SOULWAX & The Mars Volta & M.I.A Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth - All awesome shows!

Kanye West - Opera house - April

Coachella 2006 - Bloc Party, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Phoenix, WOLFMOTHER, Mads, The Rakes. - End of April.

Cold War Kids - NYC Piano's - May

Spank Rock - Vice Party - Spectrum - June

Mercy Arms - Annandale - June

Splendour In the Grass - July

Punisherz 1st Ever show - September 11

Foo Fighters - Opera House - October

Wolfmother - Live At the Chapel - October 24

The Scare - Spectrum - November

Young & Restless - November...

Homebake - Silverchair! - December

Things I can't wait for in 2007

Punisherz counting in the new year @ Falls Festival

Punisherz first single

Young & Restless Album

More from the Cold War Kids

Someone to Bring Mickey Avalon to me, or Take me to him.

Bloc Party album, and tour.


Anonymous said...

Mel you are the best ever in the history of everything.
I love you to pieces.
You are creating the best future ever, and I'm blessed to be a part of your journey!
xx aa g

Anonymous said...

fantastic the party..