Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Damn those Overalls!

So right after Coachella, Danielle and I head to NYC. First night we get there we get absolutely smashed catch up with Brendan, and go see this band he's raving on about... cold war kids . I actually really loved these guys they blew me away! Check them out now... their album is out.

After continuous shopping and walking around the city, I get a call from my friend franki saying he's in NYC spinning some tunes at the opening of this new place. I'm at some art exhibition in soho where we've just hooked up with John Martin (who I need to drink with again very soon sometime). JM is the grossest guy I know. Probably sicker than me. AND I LOVE IT. So anyway, we go to this place, and we get there... its a fucking red carpet event. Man... im in my bloody shopping overalls and stinky velvet flats, with a white wifebeater - and there are people lining up in $$$ frocks. What the hell am I doing here! Besides that we get in and it's all sweet thanks to franki and hilary. big love.

I was not prepared for this party at all. Actually that would be my advice for every party. Go unprepared. You're set up for a way better day/night. First sighting. Uma thurman. OK we're in NyC at the opening of something with a red carpet, i might see one celeb. Second sighting. Marilyn Manson & Dita Von teese. Ok... Right about now I down my 5th free vodka to numb the feelings of sweaty overall shopping in the midst of Uma, Marilyn and Dita (who's beauty will save us all - jade did i really text you that? definitely had my 5th vodka by then, then.) Third sighting. Marc Jacobs... Ok. Now i'm really regretting this whole shopping all day don't go back to the hotel to get changed thing. Fourth sighting Jamie foxx.... ok I must admit that all the free vodka and champagne had gotten to me by this time, and I didnt realise it was Jamie until 5 minutes before we left.

We left... went to a club.. not sure which one? I thought john martin was with us, but he swears he didnt come to any club with us after. Danielle doesnt even remember going to a club after. Everyone was at the club trying to talk to me about wolfmother. I was just chasing the next vodka. We ended up at Ben's house (see danielle you couldn't have got to his place without me, so you must have come to the club in the middle of the party and his pad).

Next day we head to friggin' Ruby's to get some vegemite on toast. I go for the bondi burger instead... come on give it to me. I was hungover and felt like home cookin. Not even funny but it's a tiny cafe and I end up sitting right next to Adam Zammit. Gee this world is small... bloody aussies. p.s still in Stinky overalls.

JM & Mel

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