Friday, October 20, 2006

twas a howler of a night.

REAL EVENT DATE: Thursday 20th July 2006

Sorry to keep back tracking, but my friends keep saying, what happened to this night? And why cant you post about that night... so one day (very soon) we'll be back on track. Thursday 20th July.....happened pretty, randomly. The first thing was I got some free tickets to Wolfmother@ the hordern. Who would like to enjoy in this moment with me? JUSTINE! of course... a. She had just scored a new job with Botox (yeah yeah get in line people) b. She loves going to see a band c. When you put J + M (justine and mel) together it = crazytimes.

Something was in the air that night. It kind of started off the with amount of vodkas we kept going back to the bar for. I'm not sure how many we downed before the actualy show, but it was alot, because I was already nicely cruising. And remember, I wasn't working at this point, i'd just kinda left channel [v]. The first band that we saw was those boys from sweden Dungen . They were really amazing, and kind of not watch I expected at all. Heaps of hair in that band.

Then the jackass kids came on to introduce Wolfmother. They were out here doing their joker and the theif video with them. Wolfmother were really good too. I couldn't believe that only like a little under 2 years ago I had seen them at the hopetoun with about 50 other people. The moment that I had that thought, Andrew also voiced the same opinion to the sold out crowd at the hordern. Andrew and Justine were wearing the same jacket with tails that night.... they must have consulted each other before they left. Whatever. ha!

After this we went to the after party at de nom and we walked into the party, and before it had even started, we see bam bam from jackass hauling down one their buddies asses because he was too wasted already. What a crack up. Anyway, I didnt remember this, but Justine said it was free booze. I didn't know that, probably coz I wasn't going to the bar to get drinks, but now i know why I was so happy. :) hahaha.

We spent the night gasbagging to dungen, and they are very lovely lads. They were also heading to splendour in the grass to play that weekend. I remember thinking if this is the start of my weekend, its going to be rad rad rad. hahaha. It was really late in the night and dungen were talking to Andrew, and then whipped out their camera to get some photos. The bar guy told them it was a private party and there was a no camera rule!! HAHAHA WHAT A FUCKING JOKE. It was THEIR bloody party dude! Whatever.... so yeah. I dont have any photos, maybe gus has one. But later in the night like at about 3 this skinny thing in black walks in. It was Nick Zinner!!! ahhh. I forgot the yeah yeah yeahs were also in town doing shows pre-splendour. By this time Justine and I had probably lost a bit of control and were talking shit with nick. I can remeber something about deep fried chicken legs, and him reminding me he was vegetarian. Ok. Well... nick has some photos as well.. he got away with it. I want to see them one day. haha Justine and I were showing off our deep fried chicken legs. (no chicken actually involved, we were calling our legs deep fried chicken legs) hmmm. Ok.

Anyway. By the time I looked at my clock it was friggin 5am!!! What the!! I had to leave this place immediately! So said goodbye and went on my merry way. Justine continued on... justine what did you do?

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Justine said...

I went trawling to find a bar that was still open at 5 am on friday morning. Because i clearly needed more booze! Fortunately i was too retarded to find my way to Judgie, so got in a cab and went home to pass out.

killer night!