Wednesday, October 18, 2006

oh... the band!

So when I got back from LA, it was hardcore band practice time. We had set this date ages ago (when we were just all talk) to do our first gig on September 11. I'm pretty much not going to say anything in this blog about the band, because that's going to ruin it for everyone when you start watching our documentary. Yes, the punisherz have been documented (by the lovely bruce) and it's been the best and worst batch of chinese dim sims from a shady asian canteen.

From our first dj gigs at purple sneakers, to friends parties @ warehouses and houses, to djing @ Splendour in the grass. We loved the dj element, but always knew there was more to us than just pushing play. Splendour in the Grass was a definite highlight on everyone's gig list. We were so fucking scared before we went on, this was the biggest show we played and the tent was crammed. We brought out the asian mail order brides in us, changed in the mainstage backstage area, then trekked through the mud in our gum boots and white bridal outfits. All the kids were off their faces and we were just jumping around getting them even more fired up. A boob fell out (mine) but that was to be expected. It's kind of a running joke in the band now.

Anyway, so after all these dj gigs we started gearing up for the first "live performance".... on september 11. Wasn't that a controversy. But we love it. Or yumi loves it at least, if not the most! haha. Wait till you see our band merch tshirts she designed. Now that is pure gold. Yumi has actually become the official art director in our band. She's responsible for all the flyers and artwork. She's so good at it, i'm really proud of her. Our flyers may be controversial, but you haven't seen that shit before.

The first gig was awsome. so much fun... not as many stuff ups as our gigs to follow. You could say that our gigs have consistently gotten worse over the period of time! HA. But that's all going to change. Jump 2 Light Speed were kind enough to take us on tour. We did brisbane, byron, newie and sydney dates. Pretty lucky for a band who only had their first gig like two weeks before that. That tour was awsome fun, I really want to go on the road with the band again. Hopefully we'll follow our Tokyo dream sometime next year.

Enough about the band, because I want you all to watch the episodes of our show instead. I'll have a teaser up here pretty soon. And if any of you readers work for a network, online tv, mobile phone company. And want to play our show.... contact me. We are happy to sell out for some money (good money). We don't want a record contract we want a tV SHOW! hahaha

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