Tuesday, October 17, 2006

L.A Boys are Better than ours

<< alan (aussie boy) and mel drunk text justine

I am taking a trip down memory lane now... but I really want to post this stuff so I never forget it, until some major computer crash and everyone's blogging memories have gone forvever. Anyway.
LA BOYS ARE BETTER THAN OURS! Just a small observation, so many, so cute, so politie. LA girls may disagree with me, but aren't men always better in a city other than your own?
Went to this Paper magazine party @ the social with my myspace boyfriend( ha! loved to admit it around him since I wasn't in MY hometown....) at the time (never had one since) which was fun, because it was free booze and Alan was there. I hooked up with Alan from my girls Justine and Christine... he was in LA with his band lapping up the scene. He didn't want to leave it, as much as i didnt - maybe more.

Anyway we then proceeded to cinespace. Which for us don't get it wrong is pronounced SIN-E-SPACE. Not SIGN- SPACE.... as I was drunkingly yelling it out around town to disgust of myspace.(boyfriend). God I love saying that, just because I know it would probably raise some eyebrows and bars. TUESDAYS @ cinespace are the maddest parties ever! I had so much fun.... the place is jammed and Steve makes sure the music is dope. Not to mention the live stuff in the back room. Thanks steve for looking after me. I think I wanted to talk to every guy in the room, but I couldn't because the vodka was making my speech a bit slower than usual. To cut a long story short, I did speak to too many guys, forgot about myspace and went to visit the OC right after a party in the hills.

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