Tuesday, October 17, 2006

take me back to coachella black

my leg goes far
jade actually fit in the kids floatie
<<< martini in bikini

I wish I had started this thing earlier so my memories would be fresh. Oh well better late than never....
Back in March 2006 my friend Jade and I decided to go on a musical expedition. We threw in the towels at work (yes I actually resigned) and rewarded ourselves with a little holiday to a HUGE festival in California called COACHELLA. As word spread that 1/2 of the asian - sensations known as the punisherz were taking this trip, a small group started to evolve. We ended with Martini (who was ending her love affair in new york), Danielle (who was stuck half way through her love affair in Tokyo) and Jed (ongoing love affair with Jade).

So we all eventually met in LA and drove out past palm springs in a big SVU or is it SUV? I never get it right, whilst I educated our small group to the sounds of Mickey Avalon. (the whole way, I had other cd's but none of them turned the tricks like mickey). By the end of it, I can probably safely say that NO ONE was sick of him, because still to this day (it's october now) we still think it's fucking incredible.

We pull up to the la quinta day spa and resort only to find that half the Aussie music industry population is also staying in the same place. It was AWESOMELY HOT! The heat is incredible! Aussie summer festivals have NOTHING on the heat @ coachella. That shit is unbelievable and I loved EVERY STINKING HOT SECOND OF IT!!! It was straight into the pool before anything! And some cocktails. mmmmmmm la quinta! take me back....

Photo's from coach... highlights yeah yeah yeahs....catching up with Russell.... beaming with pride during wolfmother - seriously couldn't wipe the grin off my face I love you guys...catching up with wolfies after their set for a while...gnarls barkley in the rooms across from us, also doing a photo shoot in the cactus garden....my birthday party Harry gave me (Oh yeah it was my birthday). the spa - pre birthday party (not the dawn morning spa, don't talk about that) the adorable friends... jade, jed, teens and danielle. Take me back to coachella black.

saw mark
oh ladies doesn't it suck to be ......
matching shades
jed where are you in these photos....?

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