Sunday, October 22, 2006

I heart monday's

So much to love about Monday's right now. The highlight is lunch! Every monday G and I go to chinese vegetarian and it super super yum. We get our chilli sweat on and eat loads of tofu and veges. Last week, JT came with us, and he was scared of the goo sloppy goo goo. -But I made him entrust in Mel's ordering, and I came through. Another non-vegetarian turned! I took Cara once and she liked it too. Sal and Glen have also come to the greener side and fallen in love. MMMmmmm Mumma's!

Friday, October 20, 2006

twas a howler of a night.

REAL EVENT DATE: Thursday 20th July 2006

Sorry to keep back tracking, but my friends keep saying, what happened to this night? And why cant you post about that night... so one day (very soon) we'll be back on track. Thursday 20th July.....happened pretty, randomly. The first thing was I got some free tickets to Wolfmother@ the hordern. Who would like to enjoy in this moment with me? JUSTINE! of course... a. She had just scored a new job with Botox (yeah yeah get in line people) b. She loves going to see a band c. When you put J + M (justine and mel) together it = crazytimes.

Something was in the air that night. It kind of started off the with amount of vodkas we kept going back to the bar for. I'm not sure how many we downed before the actualy show, but it was alot, because I was already nicely cruising. And remember, I wasn't working at this point, i'd just kinda left channel [v]. The first band that we saw was those boys from sweden Dungen . They were really amazing, and kind of not watch I expected at all. Heaps of hair in that band.

Then the jackass kids came on to introduce Wolfmother. They were out here doing their joker and the theif video with them. Wolfmother were really good too. I couldn't believe that only like a little under 2 years ago I had seen them at the hopetoun with about 50 other people. The moment that I had that thought, Andrew also voiced the same opinion to the sold out crowd at the hordern. Andrew and Justine were wearing the same jacket with tails that night.... they must have consulted each other before they left. Whatever. ha!

After this we went to the after party at de nom and we walked into the party, and before it had even started, we see bam bam from jackass hauling down one their buddies asses because he was too wasted already. What a crack up. Anyway, I didnt remember this, but Justine said it was free booze. I didn't know that, probably coz I wasn't going to the bar to get drinks, but now i know why I was so happy. :) hahaha.

We spent the night gasbagging to dungen, and they are very lovely lads. They were also heading to splendour in the grass to play that weekend. I remember thinking if this is the start of my weekend, its going to be rad rad rad. hahaha. It was really late in the night and dungen were talking to Andrew, and then whipped out their camera to get some photos. The bar guy told them it was a private party and there was a no camera rule!! HAHAHA WHAT A FUCKING JOKE. It was THEIR bloody party dude! Whatever.... so yeah. I dont have any photos, maybe gus has one. But later in the night like at about 3 this skinny thing in black walks in. It was Nick Zinner!!! ahhh. I forgot the yeah yeah yeahs were also in town doing shows pre-splendour. By this time Justine and I had probably lost a bit of control and were talking shit with nick. I can remeber something about deep fried chicken legs, and him reminding me he was vegetarian. Ok. Well... nick has some photos as well.. he got away with it. I want to see them one day. haha Justine and I were showing off our deep fried chicken legs. (no chicken actually involved, we were calling our legs deep fried chicken legs) hmmm. Ok.

Anyway. By the time I looked at my clock it was friggin 5am!!! What the!! I had to leave this place immediately! So said goodbye and went on my merry way. Justine continued on... justine what did you do?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

oh... the band!

So when I got back from LA, it was hardcore band practice time. We had set this date ages ago (when we were just all talk) to do our first gig on September 11. I'm pretty much not going to say anything in this blog about the band, because that's going to ruin it for everyone when you start watching our documentary. Yes, the punisherz have been documented (by the lovely bruce) and it's been the best and worst batch of chinese dim sims from a shady asian canteen.

From our first dj gigs at purple sneakers, to friends parties @ warehouses and houses, to djing @ Splendour in the grass. We loved the dj element, but always knew there was more to us than just pushing play. Splendour in the Grass was a definite highlight on everyone's gig list. We were so fucking scared before we went on, this was the biggest show we played and the tent was crammed. We brought out the asian mail order brides in us, changed in the mainstage backstage area, then trekked through the mud in our gum boots and white bridal outfits. All the kids were off their faces and we were just jumping around getting them even more fired up. A boob fell out (mine) but that was to be expected. It's kind of a running joke in the band now.

Anyway, so after all these dj gigs we started gearing up for the first "live performance".... on september 11. Wasn't that a controversy. But we love it. Or yumi loves it at least, if not the most! haha. Wait till you see our band merch tshirts she designed. Now that is pure gold. Yumi has actually become the official art director in our band. She's responsible for all the flyers and artwork. She's so good at it, i'm really proud of her. Our flyers may be controversial, but you haven't seen that shit before.

The first gig was awsome. so much fun... not as many stuff ups as our gigs to follow. You could say that our gigs have consistently gotten worse over the period of time! HA. But that's all going to change. Jump 2 Light Speed were kind enough to take us on tour. We did brisbane, byron, newie and sydney dates. Pretty lucky for a band who only had their first gig like two weeks before that. That tour was awsome fun, I really want to go on the road with the band again. Hopefully we'll follow our Tokyo dream sometime next year.

Enough about the band, because I want you all to watch the episodes of our show instead. I'll have a teaser up here pretty soon. And if any of you readers work for a network, online tv, mobile phone company. And want to play our show.... contact me. We are happy to sell out for some money (good money). We don't want a record contract we want a tV SHOW! hahaha

young and restless

Young and Restless are the best unsigned band I have seen this year. Karina is like this mega hot asian screaming wonder, leading her band of young men to the slaughter. In a very good way. They're hardcore, with melody and metal with punk. I LOVE IT. Back in June they played at this monster mash party @ Spectrum and G and I decided to get dressed up for the occassion. G was roadkill and i was walking zombie monster.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Damn those Overalls!

So right after Coachella, Danielle and I head to NYC. First night we get there we get absolutely smashed catch up with Brendan, and go see this band he's raving on about... cold war kids . I actually really loved these guys they blew me away! Check them out now... their album is out.

After continuous shopping and walking around the city, I get a call from my friend franki saying he's in NYC spinning some tunes at the opening of this new place. I'm at some art exhibition in soho where we've just hooked up with John Martin (who I need to drink with again very soon sometime). JM is the grossest guy I know. Probably sicker than me. AND I LOVE IT. So anyway, we go to this place, and we get there... its a fucking red carpet event. Man... im in my bloody shopping overalls and stinky velvet flats, with a white wifebeater - and there are people lining up in $$$ frocks. What the hell am I doing here! Besides that we get in and it's all sweet thanks to franki and hilary. big love.

I was not prepared for this party at all. Actually that would be my advice for every party. Go unprepared. You're set up for a way better day/night. First sighting. Uma thurman. OK we're in NyC at the opening of something with a red carpet, i might see one celeb. Second sighting. Marilyn Manson & Dita Von teese. Ok... Right about now I down my 5th free vodka to numb the feelings of sweaty overall shopping in the midst of Uma, Marilyn and Dita (who's beauty will save us all - jade did i really text you that? definitely had my 5th vodka by then, then.) Third sighting. Marc Jacobs... Ok. Now i'm really regretting this whole shopping all day don't go back to the hotel to get changed thing. Fourth sighting Jamie foxx.... ok I must admit that all the free vodka and champagne had gotten to me by this time, and I didnt realise it was Jamie until 5 minutes before we left.

We left... went to a club.. not sure which one? I thought john martin was with us, but he swears he didnt come to any club with us after. Danielle doesnt even remember going to a club after. Everyone was at the club trying to talk to me about wolfmother. I was just chasing the next vodka. We ended up at Ben's house (see danielle you couldn't have got to his place without me, so you must have come to the club in the middle of the party and his pad).

Next day we head to friggin' Ruby's to get some vegemite on toast. I go for the bondi burger instead... come on give it to me. I was hungover and felt like home cookin. Not even funny but it's a tiny cafe and I end up sitting right next to Adam Zammit. Gee this world is small... bloody aussies. p.s still in Stinky overalls.

JM & Mel

L.A Boys are Better than ours

<< alan (aussie boy) and mel drunk text justine

I am taking a trip down memory lane now... but I really want to post this stuff so I never forget it, until some major computer crash and everyone's blogging memories have gone forvever. Anyway.
LA BOYS ARE BETTER THAN OURS! Just a small observation, so many, so cute, so politie. LA girls may disagree with me, but aren't men always better in a city other than your own?
Went to this Paper magazine party @ the social with my myspace boyfriend( ha! loved to admit it around him since I wasn't in MY hometown....) at the time (never had one since) which was fun, because it was free booze and Alan was there. I hooked up with Alan from my girls Justine and Christine... he was in LA with his band lapping up the scene. He didn't want to leave it, as much as i didnt - maybe more.

Anyway we then proceeded to cinespace. Which for us don't get it wrong is pronounced SIN-E-SPACE. Not SIGN- SPACE.... as I was drunkingly yelling it out around town to disgust of myspace.(boyfriend). God I love saying that, just because I know it would probably raise some eyebrows and bars. TUESDAYS @ cinespace are the maddest parties ever! I had so much fun.... the place is jammed and Steve makes sure the music is dope. Not to mention the live stuff in the back room. Thanks steve for looking after me. I think I wanted to talk to every guy in the room, but I couldn't because the vodka was making my speech a bit slower than usual. To cut a long story short, I did speak to too many guys, forgot about myspace and went to visit the OC right after a party in the hills.

gabe n mel do six flags

Before we drove out to La Quinta... I also got to hang out with my rad friend Gabriel who was also in town... doing his shit, getting homework beats from Snoop, and just generally being the raddest kid in the world. When he rung and asked to hang, i decided against taking him on one of my LA shopping expeditions, and instead we went to six flags. Gabe... where is the footage dude?

When I found out he had never been there I freaked out! Had to make the drive out there it was fun baby, lets do it again soon!

take me back to coachella black

my leg goes far
jade actually fit in the kids floatie
<<< martini in bikini

I wish I had started this thing earlier so my memories would be fresh. Oh well better late than never....
Back in March 2006 my friend Jade and I decided to go on a musical expedition. We threw in the towels at work (yes I actually resigned) and rewarded ourselves with a little holiday to a HUGE festival in California called COACHELLA. As word spread that 1/2 of the asian - sensations known as the punisherz were taking this trip, a small group started to evolve. We ended with Martini (who was ending her love affair in new york), Danielle (who was stuck half way through her love affair in Tokyo) and Jed (ongoing love affair with Jade).

So we all eventually met in LA and drove out past palm springs in a big SVU or is it SUV? I never get it right, whilst I educated our small group to the sounds of Mickey Avalon. (the whole way, I had other cd's but none of them turned the tricks like mickey). By the end of it, I can probably safely say that NO ONE was sick of him, because still to this day (it's october now) we still think it's fucking incredible.

We pull up to the la quinta day spa and resort only to find that half the Aussie music industry population is also staying in the same place. It was AWESOMELY HOT! The heat is incredible! Aussie summer festivals have NOTHING on the heat @ coachella. That shit is unbelievable and I loved EVERY STINKING HOT SECOND OF IT!!! It was straight into the pool before anything! And some cocktails. mmmmmmm la quinta! take me back....

Photo's from coach... highlights yeah yeah yeahs....catching up with Russell.... beaming with pride during wolfmother - seriously couldn't wipe the grin off my face I love you guys...catching up with wolfies after their set for a while...gnarls barkley in the rooms across from us, also doing a photo shoot in the cactus birthday party Harry gave me (Oh yeah it was my birthday). the spa - pre birthday party (not the dawn morning spa, don't talk about that) the adorable friends... jade, jed, teens and danielle. Take me back to coachella black.

saw mark
oh ladies doesn't it suck to be ......
matching shades
jed where are you in these photos....?